10 Reasons to Get a Cash Advance Loans

1 September 18

Get a Cash Advance

It happens to everyone: an unexpected car repair, a backed up sewer at home. These unexpected crises often hit at the most inconvenient times, leaving people scrambling to make ends meet at the end of the month. However, just because these costly misfortunes cannot be predicted does not mean that people have to be unprepared. Rather, smart individuals know just where to turn when there is not quite enough money to cover a payment: a cash advance.

A cash advance is a special kind of short term loan. These unsecured fast cash loans are widely accessible and easy to apply for, often providing a lump sum of money for a predetermined charge. Like with any loan, some terms and conditions do apply, but that does not change the fact that people from all walks of life have utilized this style of loan for their monthly monetary needs and emergencies.

Consider these ten reasons and see just how powerful a cash advance can be.

1. Easy qualifications

When it comes to getting money on demand, there is simply nothing easier than a fast cash advance. Unlike conventional loans, a pay day cash advance is accessible to just about anyone. As banks increasingly tighten their qualifications for borrowers, a cash advance is readily available to virtually anyone over the age of eighteen, who has an active bank account, and who has a stable monthly income. These broad qualifications make it possible for those rejected by other lenders to still get the money they need for life’s little emergencies.

2. Bad credit accepted

For some people, a spotty credit history can seem like an insurmountable obstacle to getting the cash they need. However, for these individuals, a bad credit cash advance can be just the lifesaver they need! People with all types of credit histories can still be eligible for a payday loan, easily making these loans the most versatile and flexible loans on the market today.

3. Hassle free applications

With so many loans, borrowers have to jump through hoops just to be considered. With a quick cash advance loan, the process is far simpler. Most applications can be found online for the utmost convenience. Applicants must simply fill out basic contact and financial information. Many people can finish the process in one sitting! There is no stress, no drawn-out paperwork. Just a few clicks of the mouse, and then the access to cash.

4. Quick approval

Life’s little emergencies can be a strain on anyone. When there is a bill that needs to be paid and no time to waste in getting it done, nothing is more efficient than a cash advance. While conventional loans can take days or weeks to be approved, a payday loan can provide answers within a day–usually even less! Most borrowers can receive approval for their loan in less than an hour, which can make all the difference when trying to make ends meet during a crisis.

5. Instant cash

Along with the easy applications and quick approval, there is no loan that can provide funds faster than a cash advance. This is because payday loans work directly with an active banking account, using the power of direct deposits and withdrawals to provide fast access to the necessary money. For most borrowers, money can appear in their account in less than two days.

6. Straightforward terms

With so much fine print and extraneous clauses, most loans can be difficult to understand. An online cash advance does not need to be nearly so complicated. All payday loans carry a simple charge that is based on the amount being borrowed. This charge, along with the loan amount, is due back at a preset time, usually within seven to ten days, or when the borrower’s next payday arrives. At this time, the money can be paid back and the loan is satisfied. Simple and to the point, a cash advance can keep things easy.

7. No long term commitments

When borrowing from a standard bank, it can sometimes feel like a lifelong commitment. With long, drawn-out payment plans and variable interest rates, it can be a long term mess! A payday advance, on the other hand, is designed to be a short term commitment that can easily be paid off and forgotten about. Most payday loans last no longer than two weeks, making it simple not to affect the long range financial situation.

8. Automated repayment

To make the process even easier, most payday cash advances are set up with automated repayment. This means that when the loan comes due, the required amount can be taken directly from the bank account. This makes it easier to ensure that the loan does not go past date, thereby reducing the risk of extra fees and penalties. This same automated system is what allows borrowers to have funds directly transferred into the bank account, with no extra steps to slow things down. Clearly, automated repayment has taken a payday loan from being convenient to being just plain smart.

9. Increasing potential

A typical cash loan will range anywhere from 500 to 1000 dollars for eligible borrowers. For well-qualified, repeat borrowers with a good history of payday loans, it may even be possible to borrow larger amounts. In this way, borrowers can gain credibility through multiple paid off loans, which can improve their borrowing capabilities as well as increase their safety net when unexpected bills come in.

10. Extension options

Though a quick cash advance is designed to be a short-term commitment, these loans also have the possibility to be extended. Borrowers must simply contact their lender prior to the loan coming due and work out extended payments, which can be tailored to meet the financial needs of the borrower. This can make a payday loan a stress free option, no matter how long the financial trouble persists.