6 Simple Online Investing Ideas for Extra Income

18 June 19

Online Investing Ideas

Sometimes the extra income has to come from more creative locations. If you have been considering dabbling in online investing, there are some great ways to get a little extra spending money, if you know where to look. Here are some really simple ways of getting just a little extra money to help cover your needs.

Use Websites

If you invest a little time on the Internet, you can find numerous sites that offer you cash back or other rewards for using their site to make the purchases you need to make anyway. Anyone that is going to be spending money online should take the time to look over these sites before they get started. Sometimes you can even find sites that will pay you a little money to sign up for the site. This benefits you greatly if you were going to have to make the purchase either way, as you will be getting free money to check something off of your ‘to-do’ list.

Top Off Online Contributions

Anyone that already makes online contributions should definitely consider maxing them out at the end of each year. This is due to the fact that you can sometimes get a bonus depending on the type of investment you are making, but if you max out what you are saving now, you will be able to get the greatest return on investments down the line, giving you more money to spend on your needs in the future.

Try Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you set up a website to show off products or services that someone else actually sells. You talk up how great the product is, and get a lot of attention on your website, and you have your site link back to the site that actually sells the items. Each time someone uses your link to get to the owner’s site, and they buy something from it, you get a cut. Some sites offer a low percentage of just 2-3%, but others give you 20-25% of the total sale for each customer that comes from your link. This is easy for even mediocre Internet users, and the rewards can be quite high if you affiliate your site with the right products.

Open Index Funds

Getting diversity with your online investments is important, as that will allow you to lose less should anything negative happen to your investment. When you can combine a lot of diversity with lower fees, you get index funds. This allows you to start off with small amounts of cash and work up your portfolio a little at a time as you get your returns coming in. The low fees allow you to keep more of the money that is returned, and gives you more options on where to put your money than most other small investment opportunities.

Become an Online Expert

If you are looking for a way to make some easy money online, then consider your passions. Being an expert on a topic can give you an in with many different companies, especially when the Internet is involved. You can blog about the topic, tutor online on your favorite topic, or you can even write books on the topic. The more you know about something, the more you will be viewed as an expert no matter where you put your skills to use. Opening up your own blog online to teach people about something you love can bring in passive income and keep you with some extra spending money for very little start-up costs.

Invest In Yourself

Putting a small amount of money aside into an online educational site can help you with your skills. You can get certifications that can make you more valuable to companies, and could get you a better job with a better income. This may be a different kind of investment than you were thinking about, but it not only keeps you challenged, it also allows you to move ahead in your career field.

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