Do Outlet Malls Really Save You Money?

22 September 19

Do Outlet Malls Really Save You Money

While outlet malls can be a great way for some consumers to save money on a few specific items, they do not necessarily always save you money on your everyday purchases. Here is a breakdown of what types of items should be purchased from stores at outlet malls and why.


There are a ton of stores that have clothing for sale at outlet malls. This is due to the fact that many pieces of clothing are imperfect in one way or another after they are made. Any imperfections typically mean that the store selling the item cannot sell it at full price, and if they try to, they may be faced with having the item returned for a loss of money. The stores inside outlet malls can have signs up stating that any of the clothing items purchased are subject to imperfections or non-visible flaws, and buyers are buying at their own risk. This lets the stores “off the hook” and gives the consumer the financial break that the store offers, making outlet stores ideal for buying some clothing items from. Just make sure you are careful when you look over the items and try them on before buying. Most do not offer a return policy, so if you buy the wrong item, you may be stuck with it.

Holiday Items

When it comes to holiday items, such as decorations and costumes, outlet malls really can save you quite a few dollars. This is especially true if you buy these items out of season. You can often buy all of the items you would need to decorate your home for each of the holidays at 50% off, and under the right circumstances, sometimes even more. If you have been looking for a way to be able to afford a house full of fitting decorations that can transform the interior of your home and your entire landscape, then you should definitely consider frequenting your local outlet malls until you find the perfect items to set the tone you are looking for.

Bulk Items

If you are buying items in bulk, you can save a bit of money, but the quantity needs to be kept in mind when buying these items. If you buy twenty of something you only need one of, you really are not saving anything, as you will end up with nineteen items that will go to waste. For example, you buy numerous loaves of bread; you may not eat them all before they start to go bad, wasting your money. If you happen to buy something you will use up before it goes bad in some way, then buying in bulk from an outlet mall can really save your some money. For example, if you are buying notebooks in bulk from an outlet mall, and you have children in school, there’s a pretty good chance all of the notebooks will be used up. This means that you must be careful when buying something in bulk to ensure that you are actually able to get the savings that are supposed to come along with buying in this manner.

When buying the right items, outlet malls can be the best route to go, but if buying the wrong items, you may end up spending far more than you’re saving. The key to making the most out of shopping at outlet malls, is to make sure you are doing research ahead of time to know what a “good price” should be, and don’t buy more things than you truly need just because it is at a good pr.

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