How Can a Bad Credit Payday Loan Help?

22 August 18

Bad Credit Payday Loan

People who have had credit problems are often at a loss when it comes to getting cash for emergencies. Banks and other traditional lending institutions will not consider loaning money to someone who has had recent financial setbacks, no matter what the reason. What can you do if you have bad credit and find yourself in a financial emergency between paydays?

A Bad Credit Payday Loan may be the answer. Sometimes called cash advance loans, payday loans are easy to qualify for and put money into your account fast. If handled correctly, a Bad Credit Payday Loan may even put you on the road to repairing your credit. Below are some advantages and facts to consider about payday loans:

1. Easy Qualifying: Typically, a payday loan lender will require that the applicant have a steady income, an active bank account, be an adult, and a United States citizen. As a rule, no credit checks are done, so qualifying is easy even for those with low or bad credit ratings. Some lenders may require bank account information and pay stubs be faxed to them for verification. Others do not.

2. Quick Approval: Approvals are quick and money can often be deposited directly into your bank account, sometimes within hours of applying.

3. Repayment Options: Most lenders make repaying easy by setting up automatic payment directly from your bank account. Another option, although not recommended, is requesting a loan extension. Be aware that extending the loan will be costly because of the higher interest rates of this type of loan.

4. Interest Rates: Interest rates on Bad Credit Payday Loans are higher than bank loans. A Bad Credit Payday Loan lender is taking a financial risk and charges higher interest than traditional loan institutions, although many are lower or competitive with credit card cash advance rates. Cash advance loans are intended to be of short duration so even though the interest rate may be high, it doesn't accrue over a long period of time. If paid back promptly - on your next payday - a payday loan can be a valuable tool to get you through a financial crisis.

Before considering a Bad Credit Payday Loan, plan ahead. Make sure you will have the funds to repay the loan on the due date. Remember that the purpose of a cash advance type of personal loan is to provide quick cash during an emergency only until your next payday. While most lenders will work with you if you cannot pay when promised, the higher interest rates will make repayment more difficult. Paying on time helps you to build a solid relationship with your lender, which may be beneficial if you need cash in the future. Repaying your loan on time also puts you on the road to repairing your credit and eventual financial recovery.

In order to expedite loan approval, be sure to fill out the application completely and provide any required documents in a timely fashion. Communicate with your lender. Support or your lender is there to assist you. Ask questions and make sure you fully understand the terms of the loan, including the interest rate and payment date. Do not sign any blue sky financial agreement unless all terms and conditions are clear and in writing.

A medical emergency, a car breakdown, a costly home repair, an unexpected bill - financial emergencies can happen suddenly and without warning. Bank loans require paperwork, may take weeks, and usually require a high credit rating. On the other hand, a Bad Credit Payday Loan is easy to qualify for and can get money to you fast. A payday loan may be just what you need until your next payday.