How to Dispute a Credit Card Charge

15 September 18

Dispute a Credit Card

It can be extremely frustrating to realize that there are erroneous charges on your credit card, even when they are simple mistakes made by a cashier or a malfunctioning machine. Being charged on your credit card for a purchase you did not make, though, is also becoming a more frequent crime in America. New technology can make it all the more easy for thieves to steal your personal and financial information. There are several steps to take should you need to dispute a credit card charge, each of which is equally important in ensuring a refund.

Call Your Credit Card Company Immediately

If you find a discrepancy on your card, or discover that it has been lost or stolen, contact your card credit card company immediately. A lost or stolen card will need to be cancelled and replaced, and any unauthorized charges on the card need to be reported. Most credit companies have a limit on how long you can wait to file a claim or dispute a charge, and reporting it immediately can raise your chances of being reimbursed.

File a Report With Local Authorities

In instances of theft or fraud, credit card companies will require you to file with a police report with the authorities in the district where the card was lost or stolen. Fill out of the proper paperwork, tell your story to the officer, and let them know what charges were illegally made on your card and what the total amount of those charges are.

Provide Supporting Evidence

After filing a police report, contact your credit card company and give them the number of the police report. As well as any supporting evidence you have that can prove you did not make the charges on your card. Receipts for other charges made at roughly the same time as the disputed ones help, especially if the charges were made in a different city.

Be Patient and Polite

Disputing a charge is not fun or easy. It can be very frustrating on a personal level, but you need to stay polite with everyone you deal with. Getting reimbursed for charges is an extensive process that takes time, but if you are patient your situation will be resolved soon. That being said, it also helps to be very persistent in order to ensure that your claim is being taken care of to the best of your credit card company’s ability. If you need extra money during waiting, short-term loans can be a decision.

Know the Limitations and Procedures Your Credit Card Company Has Beforehand

Do not wait until you need to dispute a charge to know find out how your credit card company handles these situations. Read your contract carefully when you sign up to understand what the limitations and provisions are in instances of fraud or identity theft. Check for any reimbursement limits or fees associated with filing a claim. If there are numerous or complicated provisions and limitations, you may want to consider a different type of card.