How to Get Cash Advance in Concord

11 February 20

cash loans in Cancord

Bills, sudden emergency expenses, and other life hassles all can take a huge toll on your finances. Unfortunately, those expenses have to be paid quickly to avoid collections, services being shut off, getting hit by overdraft fees and dealing with penalties. Don’t fall victim to any of these unnecessary hassles. If you find yourself short on cash, learn more about getting a cash advance in Concord today.

Cash advances are easy to obtain, but it is important to fully understand the entire concept of these loans before signing any papers. You will need to submit a copy of your photo ID or driver’s license, two forms of address verifications, bank account information and two recent pay stubs. Address information is verified by sending in two bills sent to your address from a cell phone, utility or cable company.

Thanks to the internet, most companies that offer a cash advance in Concord now operate online. You can either fax or email your information to them, depending on their individual policies. After they quickly verify your information, they can wire the money to your bank account – sometimes as quickly as the same day. In most cases, the money is always there by the next business day. Depending on the lender, you will have anywhere from 7 to 31 days to pay back the loan.

This is where it is important to read the fine print. Be sure you are signing for a cash advance in Concord that is right for your needs. If you need only 7 days, it is best to sign for this length of time. If you anticipate a longer pay-back time, be sure the lender allows for that and doesn’t charge any additional late fees after a specific period. In the state of California, lenders that offer a cash advance in Concord are only allowed to make the loan period a total of 31 calendar days.

This time includes Saturdays and Sundays – it is not only business days. Be aware of the lender’s fees before signing the contract. When compared with a bank loan, they may be higher, but the amount of interest some people pay, especially those with less than perfect credit, is not a big difference.

In the state of California, cash advance lenders are allowed to charge a fee of no more than 15% of the total amount loaned. If further funds are needed, most companies are willing to create a new loan. In some cases, they may roll over the prior remaining balance, if any, to be added into the new amount. Keep in mind that they can charge 15% of that rollover amount, also. If you need financial help today, let us eliminate your hassle. Use the simple form on our site to help connect you to the reputable lenders in your area.