Payday Cash Advance in Berkeley

15 December 19

Cash Advance in Berkeley

There is no reason to struggle with finances when a cash advance can have your debts settled within days.

A cash advance is an unsecured loan offered both online and at local storefronts. However, the convenience and ease of getting a loan online has made these loans even more popular than they already were. Applying for a cash advance in Berkeley online is one of the fastest ways of getting the money you need, no matter what your financial emergency is.

A loan can be used for many different reasons, the most popular one being that the borrower has come across a financial emergency, and they need fast money. A loan at a bank will take days to clear and be approved, and borrowing money from family or friends may not always be a wise idea. You may not have anywhere else to turn, and that is why a cash advance can help.

You can receive up to $1000 when you apply online for a cash advance in Berkeley. Remember, there will be a finance fee attached to the loan amount that you are approved for. Many customers find that this fee is actually an improvement over what they would pay if they didn’t get the loan. For example, the late charges on a credit card bill can be very high, plus you can ruin your credit by being late on payments.

A cash advance in Berkeley can save you from this problem. Remember to carefully consider the fees on your loan before applying, and make sure that you can pay the loan back on time. With some cash advance companies, rollovers are also permitted on loans. These allow customers who find that they cannot make the payment on time extend the loan until their next payday. They will simply need to pay the current finance charges to keep the loan in good standing.

Cash advance companies that operate in Berkeley must abide by certain laws when they run their business. All finance fees must be provided to the borrower, outlined and capped at 15%, of whatever the cash advance amount is. The loan cannot be taken out for a term of longer than 30 days, with the exception of the companies that allow extensions.

Applicants must be 18 years of age to apply for a loan, and must have a valid California identification. When considering a payday loan for your cash needs, be sure that the company you are applying with abides by all state laws. Check them out through the Better Business Bureau online to see what, if any, complaints have been logged against them, and how they were resolved.

Apply today for a cash advance in Berkeley and get the money you need now. You don’t have to struggle until payday anymore!