Personal Loans: 3 Reasons You Should and Should Not Apply For A Personal Loan

13 April 18

Paying Debt Off or Debt Consolidation

Personal loans, which are unsecured loans, are great for various reasons, but sometimes it’s not worth getting one. A personal loan should only be considered when there’s a financial benefit.

When Should You Consider Getting A Personal Loan?

Paying Debt Off or Debt Consolidation

The biggest reason for people to use personal loans is to pay off their debt or consolidate debt such as credit cards. This is a smart idea, as a personal loan brings multiple debts into a single payment and offers a low-interest rate. Credit cards tend to have a minimum APR of 17. Debt consolidation can give you rates of around 5% to 7%. This drops the amount of interest you’d pay.

Making Home Improvements

Another long-term investment that you get from a personal loan is getting money for home improvements. Of course, you want to make sure that the investment is worth the money you borrow. The money you borrow should be less than the money you earn from the home improvement.

For instance, if you renovate your home, you can boost your home’s value. If you use a personal loan such as renovation loan, you could finance the renovation project. If the renovation costs $50,000, but you have just $20,000 in spending cash, you could take out a $30,000 renovation loan with an interest rate of 4%. If the value of the home rises by over $50,000, then getting an inexpensive loan could be worth the money you pay in interest.

Education or Career Enhancement

If you decide to borrow money for further your education or career advancements, you need to make sure that your benefits outweigh the costs. If your income increases from the money you borrow, then it may be worth getting a personal loan to pay for the education.