TopConsumerReview.Com Dubs National Debt Relief Best Debt Consolidation Service

25 June 18

Debt consolidation service

National Debt Relief was recently awarded a best-in-class 5-star rating by, making it the leader in online Debt Consolidation resources for 2018.

Consumer debt level is at all-time highs, which comes as people struggle with medical bills, expensive auto repairs, overextended credit and more. However, many of these debts tend to be tied to high-interest rates, meaning a missed payment causes rates to go up even more. Most people, when this happens, choose to consolidate their debt with a debt consolidation service. The idea is to get control over their monthly budget and how much debt they owe.

Brian Dolezal with said National Debt Relief leads the way with debt consolidation service. He said their consultants work with clients to alleviate the stress they feel, starting with the first phone call. He said the initial consultation is free and consumers interested in their services are given recommendations on what actions they need to take based on their particular situation.