Understanding Health Insurance

31 December 18

Health insurance

If you want real sticker shock, check into a hospital for a few days without health insurance. Health insurance is the last thing you want to be without - and with a little work and a few pointers to get you started, you can find the health coverage that meets your needs.

  1. If you leave a job where you're already covered, take advantage of COBRA and keep that policy. That way you'll have some time to explore your options.
  2. A group health policy is usually cheaper than an individual policy. Check out a trade association, alumni groups or some other organization that may offer a group plan you can join. But don't limit your search. Hire an insurance agent, contact your local HMOs and search the Net.
  3. Don't forget disability insurance. It insures your most valuable asset - your ability to earn a living off your skills and knowledge.
  4. Preventative maintenance lowers your medical bills and improves the quality of your life. Watch your diet, exercise and figure out ways to relieve stress. And build regular check-ups into your crowded calendar. Read also how to get a loan for health insurance.