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About Delaware...

Delaware native Thomas Garrett fought against slavery and lost his fortune in the process. It’s been claimed that he helped over 2,000 slaves escape to freedom – not surprising with his location being a part of the Underground Railroad. The book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” was written using Thomas Garrett has the inspiration.

Delaware is known to have the most horseshoe crabs, which can leave a year without food consumption. Researchers have dated the horseshoe crab to go back as far as the times of the dinosaur.

Information about Delaware

State Abbreviation


State Capital


State Population


State Population Density

469 (People / Square mile)


December 7, 1787

Number of Counties


State Motto

Liberty and independence

State Flower

Peach blossom

State Tree

American holly

State Bird

Blue hen chicken

State Nickname

Diamond State; First State; Small Wonder

State Area Codes


Quick Facts

What are some interesting facts about Delaware you may not have known?

  • Delaware has a frying pan that can 180 gallons of cooking oil for 800 chicken quarters.
  • Betsy Ross’s first-hand sewn flag flew in Delaware.
  • Delaware was the first state to build a log cabin – a skill Americans attained from the Finnish people.
  • The state has no official National Park system – the only one in the U.S. not to have a national park.