Note: There might be other lenders in Nevada, this page contains only lenders which their headquarters or main offices are based in Nevada.

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About Nevada...

In a 40-year period (1952 to 1992), there were more than 900 nuclear tests carried out. The tests were located about 65 miles from Las Vegas.

Nevada is the fourth largest gold producer even though its nickname is the silver state.

The state is well-known for Area 51, a parcel of land the federal government has deemed its own. And, for towns close to Area 51, they have made their money off the tourism industry – from people who believe in aliens. 

Information about Nevada

State Abbreviation


State Capital

Carson City

State Population


State Population Density

26.8 (People / Square mile)


October 31, 1864

Number of Counties


State Motto

All for Our Country

State Flower


State Tree

Single-leaf pinon and bristlecone pine

State Bird

Mountain bluebird

State Nickname

Sagebrush State; Silver State; Battle Born State

State Area Codes

702, 775

Quick Facts

  • Las Vegas has more hotel rooms than any location in the world.
  • The kangaroo rate can live its whole life without needing liquid to drink.
  • There are more mountain ranges here than any location on Earth (over 300 total).
  • The longest Morse code telegraph was dictated here and sent to the Nevada State Constitution.