New Hampshire

New Hampshire


Note: There might be other lenders in New Hampshire, this page contains only lenders which their headquarters or main offices are based in New Hampshire.

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About New Hampshire...

It was here that the first solider death of the Civil War took place. It was also the first state to declare its independence from England. It’s also the only state to hold formal parties at the end of a foreign war.

The first person to participate in space travel hailed from New Hampshire. It’s also the home of the teacher who died in the 1986 Challenger explosion.

A native wrote the popular nursery rhythm, “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”

Information about New Hampshire

State Abbreviation


State Capital


State Population


State Population Density

147 (People / Square mile)


June 21, 1788

Number of Counties


State Motto

Live free or die

State Flower

Purple lilac

State Tree

White birch

State Bird

Purple finch

State Nickname

Granite State

State Area Codes


Quick Facts

  • New Hampshire was the first state to plant the potato.
  • It’s the first state to have a legal lottery.
  • The first public library, free to enjoy, began here.