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About Pennsylvania...

Every Feb. 2, people dread to hear the word from the groundhog about how much more winter will be seen. And, that groundhog – Punxsutawney Phil – lives in Pennsylvania.

The Liberty Tunnel, which spans 5,700 feet and was developed in 1924, opens from and to downtown Pittsburgh. It’s also the world’s longest artificially vented tunnel. While it’s still a well-known attraction, it’s more known now for the city view it gives visitors when it opens.

Fitness enthusiast can use the more than 300 sets of stairs the state has to offer – and which the cities maintain. If one were to stack them all together, it would surpass the Himalayan Mountains in height. 

Information about Pennsylvania

State Abbreviation


State Capital


State Population


State Population Density

284 (People / Square mile)


December 12, 1787

Number of Counties


State Motto

Virtue, liberty, and independence

State Flower

Mountain laurel

State Tree


State Bird

Ruffed grouse

State Nickname

Keystone State

State Area Codes

215, 267, 412, 570, 610, 171, 724, 814, 878

Quick Facts

  • It was here that Betsey Ross sewed the first U.S. flag.
  • It’s the home of the Automobile Service Station.
  • Pennsylvania residents can be thanked for the development of the oxygen treatment along with water ice, soft pretzel, Tasty Kakes and so much more.