Payday Cash Advance in Burbank

23 December 19

Cash Advance in Burbank

 If you cannot wait until your next paycheck, consider a short-term loan from a payday lender today. You can apply online or in person and receive a cash advance in Burbank within minutes.

Unlike getting financing in the form of a personal loan from your bank, a payday lender can approve you for a small advance that can be repaid when you claim your next check from your employer. Your credit will not be examined, and you can take your loan in the form of cash, or have the money transferred directly to your checking account. If you are 18 years of age, can verify your income and possess a driver’s license or other official identification, you can obtain a cash advance in Burbank.

To apply, visit an online lender’s website or visit one of the many locations in the area. A fee of 15% will be added to the loan amount, and you will be asked to write a check that is postdated until you receive your next paycheck from work. If you apply online, be sure to have your bank account number and branch routing number handy when filling out the application. You must have an open checking account to take out a payday loan.

The law in California allows for a payday loan term of between 5 and 31 days. This term cannot be extended, nor can a cash advance in Burbank be refinanced or combined with a second loan. You will be required to have adequate funds in your account when the loan term is up, because the lender will use your postdated check to withdraw the repayment from your bank.

These loans, although easy to obtain, carry a higher than average amount of fees. It is more expensive to use short-term financing than to use a traditional lender. However all fees associated with a payday loan are known to the borrower at the time of the transaction, and there are no surprise costs or hidden charges.

Once you have taken out a cash advance in Burbank, your information and records will be kept on file, making further application with the same lender unnecessary. Subsequent loans can be processed in a matter of minutes, and this is a major convenience if you are ever again finding yourself in a financial bind.

Remember to borrow wisely when using short-term financing. Repeated loans will result in a total of finance charges that may become a burden; only borrow when absolutely necessary, and only in amounts that you can afford to repay.